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Intelliware App Solutions

Mobile Commerce Solution
Intelligent Commerce App
App solution for anyone selling online with features of lead generation, SEO, digital marketing, Inventory Management, Staff Management, Appointment, Quotations, Invoicing, Employee Hours, CRM, Analytics, Order Management and more.
Go To Market Strategy
Intelligent Marketing App
App solution for any business seeking sales through digital platforms. Templates to create ideal customer profile, targeting audience, 5 social platform profile creation, social media content strategy, converting qualified traffic to customers and more.
Intelligent Sales Funnel App
App solution for all your sales funnel needs. The app is a dummies solution for businesses struggling to create sales funnels for their online sales. The software is as easy as fill in the blanks to create already proven sales funnels that have converted millions.
Intelligent Cleaning Business App
App solution for businesses in the cleaning industry. The app provides lead generation, booking solution, staff management, calendar management, automated SMS/Emails to customers, invoicing, accounting and more.
Intelligent Learning Management System App
App solution for Learning Management Solution for any business. The app features course and student management, dynamic forums, student automatic attendance, online webinars, advanced quiz and assessment, certifications and more.
Intelligent Builder’s App
App solution for building and construction companies with features of lead generation, quotation, project management, tradesperson management, stakeholder communication, meeting management, supplier management and more.
Intelligent Script App
App solution for all your sales copyrighting needs. The app provides proven solutions for Sales letters, Facebook Ads, Email campaigns, Google AdWords Ads, Headlines, Webinars, Upsells, Opt-in Pages, Order Bumps, Phone Scripts, Testimonials, Video Scripts and more.
Intelligent Booking App
App solution for businesses that need to book appointments for customers. The app features online customer booking, staff management, services management, SMS / Email notification, online payments and more.
Intelligent Restoration Business App
App solution for Restoration companies. The app provides reporting to insurance companies, contractor management, job management lead generation, booking solution, calendar management, automated SMS/Emails to customers, invoicing, accounting and more
Intelligent Serve App
Proven Framework to attract leads using behavioral hacks. SERVE Framework taps into Social Media and Digital platforms where your prospects are present to convert them into paying customers.
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IntelliWare App Mission

Pioneers of change

In this constantly changing world its going to be hard for businesses to adapt. IWA is your partner in success to guide you in your journey and assist you in becoming the market leader in your industry.

Transform the way we do business

We are not another IT company. We have invested in research and development and deloyed cutting edge technologies to build our products that assist in transforming your business.

Why IntelliWare Apps?

One consistent enterprise experts for all your use cases

Engineered & optimised to work reliably

Scale your business and increase revenue

Easy to use, buy & Scale

Most affordable straight forward pricing


What kind of companies do you work with?

We specialise in helping established companies that have a growth mindset, need to move fast, and are looking for a ‘partner’ in growth.

What do you actually do?

We help companies navigate the challenging digital landscape to drive growth. In today’s world, we are focusing our resources on helping companies not only survive but thrive in 2020.

How much does it cost?

we often cost less than hiring one experienced person in house and yet we bring a lot more value, resources and capabilities because of our scale.

What if I have an in-house team already?

we often cost less than hiring one experienced person in house and yet we bring a lot more value, resources and capabilities because of our scale.