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On average only 2-5% of website visitors do convert to become your customer. For any company, this is a loss. Having a lot of traffic through great ranking in the search engine and clicks on a company’s website with no conversion is a waste of time. A company should strive to have clicks that will convert into sales and leads.

Browsing patterns and the customers purchasing behavior are carefully analyzed to come up with appropriate CTAs’ (Call to action). To have an effective CRO, a company needs to consider the following either if it is doing the CRO on its own or via a marketing agency;

Strategies – every company has its own goals that they wish to accomplish. These goals vary in sizes, shapes, objectives among others. A company’s website should be able to assist the customer achieve their goals either to register for a newsletter or purchase. The A/B test (Spilt or bucket testing) is conducted to analyze which results.

Benefits – adjust various aspects of your site to increase conversion. Both small and big adjustments do create an exceptional difference. Companies do experience a 223% ROI from CRO tools.