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This is more like a punishment issued to a site by Google when there’s evidence showing that your site is tiring to cheat the system, cut corners, or over-optimize your site. Google runs its algorithm updates 500 to 600 times a year and any company needs to keep itself abreast of the changes in the algorithms. The assessment is carried out to;

  • Determine which penalty is imposed on the site
  • Identify the next course of action to take to resolve the penalty and have the site up and running.
  • Identify the best course of action to undertake to avoid such penalties in the future.

There are two types of penalties that reveal if your site is not compliant, these are;

  • Algorithmic penalties – it is automated and carried out to identify sites that are not compliant and penalize them

Manual penalties – carried by a human reviewer when the algorithm is not sure on whether to issue a penalty or not.