Google Remarketing

This is where an ad is shown again to the client who showed prior interest to the product once they revisit the site. The main aim is for the ad to stay on top of the mind of the individual until they purchase it. Enticing offers are brought forward to attract these individuals to make a purchase and eventually make them clients. Using these reminders creates reminders about the company and eventually build trust in your product or service. Through remarketing, creativity is used but there should be a balance between aggressiveness and subtleness so as not to be overbearing boring ads. Codes are added to the browser cookies to add visitors to the remarketed list.

The average rate of customer conversion of e-commerce sites is at 2.95% but this rate can go up if a company decides to use GDN (Google Display Network). The GDN makes to 90% of the internet users and this is where a company needs to tap into rather than the 2.95%.

Google AdWords Remarketing
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There are several ways of remarketing these include;

  • Google remarketing list – This is market segmentation where the customers are grouped according to their demographic, geographic location, among other variables. A similar segmentation can be done using variables such as customer time on site, product page visited geographic location. This leads to the customer seeing ads that are limited to their preference.
  • Google dynamic remarketing –this is where ads that the customers only showed interest in are showed to the customers. This is a narrowed down marketing technique and mostly used to get as much from the campaign.
  • Google Adwords remarketing – this is used to illustrate steady images, videos, and reactive ads across the GDN (Google Display Network) and GSN (Google Search Network).