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95% of internet users use reviews to decide either to purchase a company’s product or service. Reviews when targetted well by experts can be turned into leads and sales eventually through the conversion of customers. Companies need to communicate well to their customers to create lasting relationships which lead to good reviews and a tremendous online presence. Google reviews appear next to your business name during a google search by a client, these reviews are what prompts a customer to click on your business or not. A review of 3.0 and less is not likely to be picked if there are businesses with 4.0 and over reviews.

Bad google reviews harm keyword categorize mainly in your local area. SEO experts have realized that google places noteworthy weight on reviews and where to place them on the display page. Similar to any bad publicity, a bad google review takes time to repair as every situation is different and so is the business. This leads to the creation of unique strategies for every situation after a careful analysis by the experts.

Good response and effective customer service to a bad review is a way in which one can get the customer say a positive thing about the earlier posted negative review but bear in mind the customer is under no obligation to do this. Lack of responding to bad reviews portrays that the company does not value the customer. However, engaging these unhappy customers reveals that the business owner values relationships and customers.