Instagram Advertising

Tap into the Power of Instagram Advertising

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Instagram became a paid business tool in 2015 when it opened its doors to advertising to all businesses. As of 2017, Instagram has had over 7 million users with this in mind every company in every industry can tap into these users and create revenue.

Most Instagram users have either purchased a product or service they came across on Instagram. Between 2-7% of users interact with each post making the highest extent of engagement on any social media platform. For a company to have a revenue-driven strategy, it must engage an Instagram marketing agency that will use Instagram paid advertising to drive the goals of the company. To achieve this goal, a conversion-focused strategy is implemented after the creation of a social media marketing plan that is unique.

The process of carrying out an Instagram advertising involves;

  • Research – A complete research about your market industry is done alongside your company’s strategies and those of your competitors; to determine which ways will be employed in implementing your strategy which will guarantee and a competitive edge over your competitors and place your company at the top tier.
  • Short-term goals –This entails making sales for the company through well calculated and tactical positioning of the products or services images, well-captured ads, to attract “quick spending” clients to your products or service.
  • Long- term goals –To be ahead of one’s competitors, a company needs data that is well researched to develop a long-term strategy that is aligned with the goals of the company.

A company incorporating the services of an Instagram marketing agency reaps the following benefits.

  • Improve brand visibility.
  • Increased sales.
  • Detailed monitoring of the marketing trends and results of the strategy incorporated.
  • Efficient budget allocation is achieved through good planning and execution.