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The methods used in international SEO are similar to the local SEO with the only difference being that the target market is international (Different countries and languages). In this case, the company is using international SEO to optimize its websites to other countries and languages thus assisting the search engines to understand the target country and language. International SEO services are offered to companies wishing to grow and meet their global needs. The main method here is;

  • Hreflang tag –these tags are used with multi-region websites to make content reachable internationally. Unveiled in 2010 by Google, this tag was to be used on pages that have the same language but are for different countries. This tag has evolved to now show that one can create a webpage in a different language and show it to Google. The link looks like below

<link rel =”alternate” href=http://example.com/eshreflang=”es-es”>


This link has enabled search engines to know that whatever content an individual is searching can be found in another language and country according to their desire.The pros of international SEO can be summarized as;

  • Reaching a wider target market through website expansion.
  • Gives a company an advantage over its competitors.
  • Helps a company rank higher in search engines.
  • Furnishes a superior user experience.
  • Increase rate of customer conversion through power or relevancy on the search engines

Avoids confusion, therefore, decrease the bounce rate.