Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Every individual on this planet uses their mobile phone to search for a product or service. This is because of its convenience, bearing this in mind a company should be able to strategize and come up with a unique way of being on the first pages of these mobile searches. Mobile is leading the market. These strategies are developed via mobile SEO.

A good mobile SEO strategy should engage the power of the voice search. Due to speed and accuracy, voice search is growing at an alarming rate. Not many marketers are implementing voice search on the websites hence this is an appropriate time for a company to implement it and outsmart its competitors.

How is Your Mobile SEO Performance?

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  • Trade/Construction
  • Fashion
  • Professional Services
  • Consumer Products
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  • Number of Employees
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Some of the reasons why a company should consider a mobile SEO are;

  • The Mobile version of your company’s website is the primary website
  • Lack of not having mobile websites means you are losing the target market of millennials who do most of their online shopping via mobile phones.
  • Loss of current and potential customers due to not having a mobile-friendly website.

Having a mobile website increases the company’s ranking on Google.