We have the best guarantee in the business. While no one can guarantee what you will earn, we can guarantee, to RETURN DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.
We are confident our framework will work for your business that we are offering you a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Here’s how it works. Buy the course now, fill out the worksheets and take action to implement the blueprint in your business. If it doesn’t work to start growing your business within the first 30 days simply chat with us or send us an email saying it didn’t work for your business and I’ll send you back the full amount you paid, times two.
Again, if you take action on what the Framework provides but don’t get results, we will give you double your money back as compensation for your time as our way of saying thank you for giving the Framework a try.
That’s how confident we are that you’ll see a positive result following the course lessons. In the unlikely case that you take action and don’t see a result, you still come out ahead. So at this point you’re probably wondering.
If you implement all the steps and you do not close 10X of your investment within 30 days of implementation then we will RETURN DOUBLE YOUR MONEY no questions asked. Simply raise a support request with one of our consultants by requesting a refund form and we will process the refund, no questions asked. In addition, the contents are yours to keep.


1. To qualify for the money back guarantee you must apply all steps as directed in the framework or strategies advised. You must implement all strategies in real market for 30 days. In this unlikely event we would like to study the implementation so that we can improve our strategies and learn from such an event as it has not happened before. You shall receive your refund within 5 working days of application.
2. To activate the money back guarantee, the attendee must request to speak to a IntelliWare Apps consultant by requesting a refund form. If after the conversation with the consultant you still wish to activate the money back guarantee, you must immediately return and documents or content received from IntelliWareApps. If this process is not adhered then no money back guarantee will be provided.
3. If you do qualify for the money back guarantee for a service other than a digital product (Double money back guarantee) the refund will be equivalent to the monies received from the purchaser for the services, minus any handling, processing and service fees. The remaining balance will be paid to the purchaser within 30 working days from the conclusion of acceptance of refund.
4. If you qualify for and are to receive a money back guarantee, any complimentary service or systems logins will be disable and considered null and void.


IntelliWare Apps site may include, from time to time, stories about some of our clients who have successfully used the strategies and techniques we teach in our programs. Success is not just about techniques and strategies. It depends on a variety of factors, including the location of business, individual effort, the methods used, market conditions, and timing. As a result, we cannot and do not guarantee success at any level, and these individual results should not be interpreted as typical or expected by every client. What we provide are strategies and techniques that can, with dedication, discipline and hard work, increase your chances of making successful, profitable business, and the examples we provide are real life stories of some of our clients who have used our framework successfully.
Please note that, in every case, the client whose stories are discussed on our website have not been compensated in any way for their stories. We believe in full transparency and can provide further information about the range of expected earnings upon request. Any earnings or income statements, or any earnings or income examples, are only estimates of what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any examples. You must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the success stories provided.