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The current digital age we are in is that of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Programmatic advertising uses a self-regulating (automated) process to make decisions on what type of media to use to get the targeted customer.  This s technology is less time consuming and leaves no room for human error. The process involves keying in the keywords, setting goals into the system, and then following the results. This process is not repetitive and tedious as compared to the manual process where one inputs the keywords bids, space in a Facebook ad manager, and repeats it in Google ads.

There are two types of methods used in programmatic advertising, however what method to use is dependent on the marketing purpose. These methods are;

  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB) – involves buying and selling ad space through an auction that occurs when a webpage is loading. The auction is eased by Google. RTB expands a company’s bottom line to target customers at whatever stage of the sales cycle they are in.
  • Programmatic Direct –in this method a company can purchase an ad space for either a limited or unlimited amount of time unlike GDN (Google Display Network) which does not accept such a purchase.

Some of the factors that a company should consider before setting out to implement programmatic advertising include;

  • Cost of the platforms and media to get advertisements in front of the target market.
  • Exact budgets for this are always hard to predict due to the numerous hidden factors.

A lot of skills are required to successfully implement this kind of advertising.