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The greatest advantage of any company is its reputation. Today’s customers want to associate their buying power together with the values and philosophy of a company not only the product or service being offered. A negative review, malicious rumors about a company can dent not only its image but also lead to a decline in sales, converts, leads, etc.

A company should have an extensive strategy that increases the brand’s image on different platforms such as social media, review sites, blog posts, press releases. A firm should engage the services of a marketing agency that deals with reputation management before even experiencing negative reviews (prevention is better than cure). A reputation management agency does the following to ensure the image of a company is well protected;

Brand enhancemen0t through proactively thought opportunities thus having a consistent brand language across all platforms.

Having press releases about the company’s accomplishments thus creating good exposure on review sites creating a positive placement of the brand leading to the attraction of potential clients.

The duration it takes to repair a bad reputation is dependent on several factors;

    • The type of industry the company is in (is the industry highly regulated such as medicine or law?).
  • How competitors and customers react.
  • Is a bad reputation an opportunity to be exploited by the competitors of the company.
  • Commitment, endeavor, and an understandable strategy should always be at hand to ensure issues are resolved before they escalate. Understand the risks associated with your industry and looking for ways to avert these issues to protect your brand is vital. A reputation management team hired by a  company should research on;
    • How the company employees operate and behave
    • What are the customers doing?
    • How are the competitors in the industry protecting their image from a bad reputation?

A company should understand that a defamation lawyer is not useful when dealing with a bad reputation because;

  • The costs of such lawyers are very expensive and the outcome is not guaranteed to be in your favor.
  • The law may not be on the company’s side especially if the customer did have a bad experience and they have every right to write their experience as a review.
  • A lawyer does not investigate to find out the damaging information and who wrote it or said it.

A bad review can only be taken down from platforms when it is; untrue, a paid bad review with malicious intent, a review has sensitive information. Good positive reviews always push negative reviews down further the search engine when well articulated.