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Website – https://atlanticgroup.com.au/

Intelliware through landing pages and Google AdWords created three new sets of Google AdWords campaign that centered on private, corporate, and wedding venue bookings. The landing pages entailed beautiful pictures so as a client could envision themselves celebrating at this venue. Within three months wedding inquiries had increased by 52%, leads increased to 92% after the landing pages went live, while AdWords led to 203% inquiries.

Facebook Advertising – Intelliware through their creative team displayed beautiful venues using photos of weddings to create interest from brides and grooms to be. This led to a 100% increase in leads.

  1. Digi Direct

Website – https://digidirect.com.au

Intelliware did thorough research to find why revenue generation was little in their digital platform. After the analysis SEO and PPC were adopted to increase the revenue of this firm.

  • PPC- Intelliware implemented automated shopping feeds to create awareness across Google. The ads did receive the much-anticipated attention leading to an increment in the online revenue by 49.65%.
  • SEO – An SEO audit was conducted and a boost of 7,000 product pages was used both on the website and the physical shop. This led to an increase in revenue as well as efficiency on the site’s SEO.
  1. Roll’d

Website: https://www.rolld.com.au/

The team at Intelliware had to do thorough research to build the foundation. Some of the methods that were employed included;

  • Landing Page – A landing page complete with testimonials, stores to engage buyers were fully working. The page was created to be attractive and included a call to action form and a layout that was well engaging to the consumer. The landing page improved by 781%.
  • Facebook and Retargeting – A funnel was created to engage Facebook users with a series of video and banner ads. This led to brand awareness among consumers. This Facebook campaign reached 210,961 people which led to a finer refinement of the target segment to reduce ad spending.
  • PPC – Intelliware had to ensure that PPC targeting was well focused to attract serious buyers and leads that were of quality.
  1. T2

Website: https://www.t2tea.com

After an analysis by Intelliware, it was revealed that there were technical issues in the site that contributed to the low revenue as well as traffic. Intelliware content writers worked tirelessly with T2 to bring forth content that was true to the brand’s voice and style. This led to an increase in the site’s traffic by 45.88% globally.