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Any company wishing to achieve its goals of either increase in sales or customers needs to do a good analysis. This can only be done through data collection and analysis. It is said “numbers never lie” hence the real information is in the hard data and statistics which will help in the creation of unique and creative marketing content which leads to an increase in sales and customers. For a company to achieve all this, it also needs to engage the services of a digital marketing agency that is an expert in the field of data and analytics. Any marketing campaign either for SEO, Google analytics, PPC numbers is needed.

There exists 3T’s that are incorporated during data and analytics these are;

  • Technology – Any company carrying out digital marketing should incorporate top-notch technology that will not only collect the data but also present it in a comprehensible and extensive way. The analyzed data is vital for the following; scrutinize past performance, develop a focused marketing master plan, and track production.
  • Tools – The use of search engine analytic tools is vital for tracking every single feature of the campaign. For example; to observe email marketing through conversion rates, social media through likes, engagements, comments. When an agency has this information it will be easier to determine the best ROI avenue and create an effective strategy towards this avenue.

Targets–Who are the company’s customers and what are their likes or dislikes is the knowledge that is collected only through effective research and analysis. An agency needs this information to be able to develop strategies that are tailor-made for the specific target customer at the various stages of their purchase journey of the company’s product or service.