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In 2006, Google bought Youtube, and in 2007 Google launched its advertising models. In 2008, youtube started to incorporate rolling adverts at the beginning of a video.Youtube operates on an auction (bidding) system where advertising costs are dependent on the amount the company wishes to spend on the ads. These costs are dependent upon; the budget set by the company, number of views, and competition.

Over a billion people access youtube actively bearing this in mind people prefer to consume video content rather than text.  With youtube being the second largest search engine then advertising with youtube will greatly increase a company’s SEO. Youtube uses Google Adwords to run its advertising hence like all PPC advertising, a company needs to have unique and creative content to make most of the advertisement.  It only takes 10 seconds for a customer to decide whether they like your video or not hence it is crucial to grab the attention of the customer with the first few seconds of them clicking on your video.

There are two types of youtube advertising, these are;

  • Youtube premium advertising –this is a “Google Preferred Program” that was launched in 2007, where youtube hosts videos from popular tv channel and the topmost 5% popular channels. This is a premium package that offers companies an opportunity to have their ads being paired with top content only.
  • YoutubeInhouse Streaming –this is referring to ads that play at the beginning of a youtube video. They take 5 seconds of which if this ad is not engaging a customer can skip it leading to a loss in lead or sale. The ad company is charged only when a customer watches the ad until the end.

Using video to advertise means that the video needs to be part of the customer’s journey. The video should aim to do the following;

  • Enhance better relationships with customers.
  • Convert and educate customers.
  • Furnish customers with an unforgettable experience.

Some of the videos which currently are very effective include; customer testimonials on the company’s product or service, product or service demos, and tutorial videos. This is an indication that the customer is interested in your product or service but does not want to read a manual or booklet about it.

Through a  GoogleAdwords account, a company can set its daily budget and target customers. Then design and custom- make the ads within the youtube platform. A targeted customer base leads to more sales rather than a broad customer base.